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Health and Safety is a primary concern to us. All our Engineers hold CSCS cards. In addition prior to undertaking site work of any description risk assessments are undertaken to ensure the safety of both engineer our contractors and other operatives on site.

We retain professional independent health and safety consultants to ensure we are fully informed of current legislation and meet all of our obligations in this respect. Soils Limited are members of ConstructionLine and have recently been audited for the Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS).

Our Health and Safety Policy forms a significant part of our Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) including:

  • Our commitment to managing Health and Safety
  • Our policies
  • Our procedures
  • Responsibilities for Health and Safety
  • Monitoring and reviewing activities to ensure the effectiveness of our HSMS.

Our 'Health and Safety Policy Statement' is a broad statement of our commitment to the effective management of health and safety and is posted around our premises so that all staff are aware of our intentions.

We have documented our policies which identify, in individual topic areas, what we intend to do to control risks, manage health and safety issues, and comply with legal requirements.

They are supported with procedures to provide us with a means of managing the health and safety aspects of that particular topic. The procedures record how we will implement the associated policy and require further arrangements to be put into practice such as training, risk assessment, record keeping, monitoring etc.

Having identified what to do and how to do it, we then identify who is responsible for ensuring that our policy is implemented and that our Health and Safety Management System is working.

We record our Organisation structure to clearly identify reporting lines and areas of responsibility, supporting this with written responsibilities and rules for all staff and specific responsibilities for key members of staff.

Our monitoring activities are aimed at checking the implementation of our policies and procedures, and ensuring that they have sufficient scope to cover all areas of risk. They are complemented by our hazard spotting checklists that we complete according to the specified schedule.

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