Whether you commission Soils Limited to undertake a comprehensive Desk Study and Ground Investigation or sample testing and factual reporting, the project will be assigned a manager to take ownership. The project manager will be a qualified Senior Engineer whom has extensive on site, construction based experience and will be your point of contact through-out the project. They will be responsible for ensuring timely and on budget solutions.

Where appointed, the project manager can liaise with statutory bodies directly to allow technical queries to be responded to with expedience both during and after completion of the reports.

If you require an expert-witness or peer review, Soils Limited are well qualified to undertake such tasks, supported by academic notaries who are recognised within the industry.

Desk Studies

Understanding the historical ground uses of your land and surrounding area.

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Soil Testing

Geotechnical & contamination soil testing
to BS5930, BS1377 and Eurocode 7.

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Site Investigation

Set-up, planning and execution of an effective site investigation.

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Geotechnical Consultancy

A comprehensive understanding of the ground conditions is integral to any development.

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Tailoring the most cost-effective and appropriate remediation strategies for your site.

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Validation and verification of remediation works.

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