Desk Studies

The key to an appropriately designed (and thus most cost efficient) Ground Investigation is having a clear understanding of the historical land uses both on the redevelopment site and within the close environs.

Soils Limited Desk Studies draw upon historical Ordnance Survey Maps dating back to the 19th century, aerial photography, Environment Agency databases, British Geological Survey records, Goad’s Fire Insurance Maps and many other sources.

We realise that you may need this key stage of investigation to be performed often within days for pre-requisition assessments. We are able to identify any potential sources of contamination and the risk of unexpected remediation costs. We also identify the likely foundation issues and solutions.

Flooding is currently at the forefront of the house buyers concerns, consequently the more informed purchaser and the Environment Agency may want to ensure your redevelopment will provide no unexpected surprises. Soils Limited undertake Flood Risk Assessments (FRA’s), and offer professional advice in relation the suitability of a redevelopment layout, and where necessary recommendations at design stage.

A summary of the desk based study reports available include:

  • Phase 1 Desk Studies
  • Flood Risk Assessments
  • Un-exploded bomb risk assessments
  • Environmental Precis
  • Cemetery feasibility studies
  • Peer review
  • Expert witness
  • Raw data analytical review
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