Geotechnical Consultancy

As an integral part of our service we can supply you with a comprehensive understanding of the ground conditions beneath the site. This will allow costs relating to foundation design through to drainage to be precisely quantified.

Is your site located on a slope where stability requires assessment? When Soils Limited attend site to undertake intrusive ground surveys the Engineer will pre-empt Building Control and/or NHBC/Zurich etc. and discuss such issues with you.

The experience of the project manager is invaluable in ascertaining site characteristics with regard to ground conditions.

Once intrusive site works have been undertaken your project manager will commission suitable geotechnical testing. They will then use extensive experience and advanced professional software to analyse and report all the necessary information to permit final design or if required provide final designs.

If poor ground conditions are present we are pleased to advise you on cost effective solutions, be they preliminary pile designs or various ground improvement techniques.

Alternatively you may just require testing and factual reporting. All geotechnical testing is within a UKAS accredited laboratory to the relevant British Standard.

Geotechnical Services offered include:

  • Light Cable Percussive Drilling (including sampling and CPT/SPT testing)
  • Window/Windowless sampling
  • Dynamic probing
  • Rotary Open Drilling
  • Rotary Core Drilling
  • Infiltration/porosity testing (to BRE365 and/or BS:6297)
  • Plate loading tests
  • In-situ/Ex-situ CBR tests
  • Mexe-probe tests
  • Hand penetration tests
  • Sand Replacement Tests
  • Slope Stability to PPG14
  • Foundation design
  • Foundation exposure
  • Pile mat design
  • Basement design
  • Settlement analysis

Given the extensive range of geotechnical analyses available, we may well have not listed some of your requirements, in which case we would welcome discussion with you to establish your precise site specific requirements.

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