Site Investigation

If you require a ground investigation we can offer our full expertise in interpretive reporting, or supply you with the raw data, post site works, for your own designers to interpret the results

Whichever option you require we offer a full range of intrusive and non-intrusive site investigation techniques cumulating in a three-dimensional picture of the ground beneath your site.

Often there will be access restrictions that necessitate a specific method of investigation. We able to operate in the most un-accommodating spaces from low head-room areas, basements or through narrow doorways.

During first contact with one of our Engineers, we will establish the most appropriate method of investigation and advise accordingly. Alternatively a site visit may be required to determine access limitations.

Our site investigation methods include:

  • Light Cable Percussive Drilling
  • Rotary Core Drilling
  • Rotary Open Drilling
  • Window/Windowless sampling
  • Dynamic probing
  • Continuous flight auguring
  • Trial pitting
  • Hand dug trial pits
  • Foundation exposures
  • Ground penetration radar surveys
  • Electro-magnetic induction surveys

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